We seek ways of engaging the local media.

  • July 17: Our press release was carried by Union Tribune: UT San Diego: San Diegans debate blame in Gaza Strip invasion
  • July 18: Published an editorial in opposition to Israel’s onslaught of the Gaza in the San Diego Free Press:
  • July 19: Interviewed by the San Diego Union Tribune at the counter-rally to “San Diego Stands With Israel”
  • August 2014: Submitted a position paper opposing the attacks on Gaza to the media.
  • September 2014: Submitted press release on Unit 8200 Israeli Military Intelligence Refuseniks
  • Had an interview with a freelance journalist from the San Diego Reader
  • Had an information table at the Activist San Diego Gaza/BDS Forum
  • March 2015, Steve Kowit publishes op-ed in SD Union Tribune on the Billboard campaign and the Netanyahu speech in congress.
  • May 2016, JVP members wrote letters to the editor of the San Diego Union Tribune (one letter and one Opinion piece were published) about posters on SDSU campus that listed the names of individualstudents involved in the BDS movement accusing them of being associated with terrorists.